What is happiness?

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What Does happiness Mean

The first thing we are going to do before analyzing the term happiness at hand is to determine that its etymological origin is found in Latin. Thus, we find the fact that this word comes from the word felicitas, which can be translated as “fertile”.

The happiness is a state of the spirit that is a satisfaction . Whoever is happy feels comfortable, content and pleased. In any case, the concept of happiness is subjective and relative . There is no happiness index or category that must be met for someone to be considered a happy person.
From a biological point of view, happiness is the result of fluid neural activity, where internal and external factors stimulate the limbic system .

There are many studies and scientific branches that have focused on analyzing in depth the concept of happiness and it is that it is the goal that all people seek throughout our lives. Specifically, we come across the fact that both philosophy and anthropology, sociology or psychology have the former as their work element.
So while what Anthropology does is investigate how different cultures have known that happiness is one thing and not another, sociology studies what are the social factors that contribute not only to what each individual considers as such but also to achieve the same.
For its part, within Positivist Psychology, which was founded among others by the North American psychologist Martin Seligman, we find a branch that is called the positivist paradigm. One figure is that, like the remains of members of said scientific area, considers that happiness is the result of the sum of what are positive activities and positive emotions. Specifically, examples of the latter would be satisfaction, bodily pleasure, pride, joy or optimism.
The human being usually feels happiness when he reaches his goals and when he manages to solve the different challenges that he faces in his daily life. In cases where this is not achieved, frustration occurs that leads to loss of happiness.
The people who feel self - actualizing and fulfilling are calm and stable, and that achieve a balance between the rational and emotional burdens loads.
There are those who believe or feel that happiness is related to material goods and money . That is why there are phrases like "Money does not make happiness, but it helps . " It is that money is the necessary means for the satisfaction of human material needs; once these are satisfied, the individual tends to look for products that provide greater happiness.
On the other hand, religions and people with a preference for the spiritual associate happiness with a state of the soul where the being feels at peace . This state can be reached with a personal relationship or with the bond with loved ones, for example.

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