What is handling?

What Does handling Mean

Before proceeding to determine the meaning of the term manipulation that concerns us, we want to make clear what is the etymological origin of it. Specifically, we can state that it emanates from Latin, and more precisely from the word manipulus , which came to be used to refer to that military command that was "manipulated" or directed by a specific command.

Manipulation is the action and effect of manipulating (operating with the hands or an instrument, handling something, intervening with skillful means to distort reality in the service of particular interests).
For example: "In the laboratory we work with dangerous elements: the handling of work objects has to be done with great care" , "The handling of acids generated serious problems in my health" , "Do not be fooled, your father is an expert in the manipulation of people ” .

No less important is that we refer to what is known as information manipulation. It is a term that is used basically within the media sector, and it defines those actions that are carried out by journalists and image and sound editors with the clear objective of serving some determined interests.
In that sense, what they do is offer biased information on a specific event with a clear intention, that of being able to favor their like-minded people. Thus, for example, throughout history there have been countless manipulations of information on television news to, in this way, benefit a certain political party and harm its rival.
Specifically, the pillars of this action are the misrepresentation of the events on which it acts, the selection of the information, the photographic retouching in the case of the written media, the so-called false shots, the use of layout and the typography used and even the semantics as well.
It is based on these elements that any event can be manipulated informatively.
The mental manipulation is associated with the takeover of the behavior of an individual or group using persuasive techniques or psychological pressure. The manipulator tries to eliminate the critical judgment of the person , distorting his reflective capacity.
Through various techniques, the manipulator manages to influence the actions, thoughts and emotions of the subject. Manipulation can take place in any type of environment and relationship. There are manipulative relationships within families (father-son, mother-son, husband-wife, etc.), but also in many broad contexts (such as the manipulation that a political leader exercises over his followers).
A gross manipulative situation occurs when a mother tells her son that, if he behaves well, Santa Claus will bring him presents at Christmas . This is a minor manipulation, which does not cause harm, but includes the presentation of a fictitious reality to a subject (the child) who believes in the words of the other (the mother).

Riskier manipulation takes place when a social leader presents a biased view of reality to induce a certain behavior in the town, blaming immigrants for economic problems, for example.

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