What is hammer?

What Does hammer Mean

In order to know the meaning of the term hammer, we are going to proceed, first, to discover its etymological origin. Specifically, it emanates from Latin, more precisely from the word “martellus”, which can be translated as “hoe”, “hammer” or even “ax”.

Hammer is a term that makes it possible to refer to a tool that has a handle and a head and is used for striking.
In general, the handle of the hammer is made of wood , while the head is usually made of iron . The user must take the hammer from the handle with one hand and hit with the head what he wants to nail, embed or sink.

With the blows of the hammer, it is possible to move a part. Typically, this instrument is used to make a nail enter a surface: the force of the blows on the nail allows the tip of the nail to penetrate the material.
Given this use, hammers often have an open wedge in their rear sector so that it is possible to drive the nails with it. Thus, the hammer is used for driving and unlocking .
The hammer can also be used to break. If, for example, a glass window is struck violently with a hammer, the glass explodes. That is why there are usually hammers in public transport, so that an opening can be created to exit the unit in an emergency.
In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that there are different types of hammer. Exactly among the most used, we must highlight some such as the following:

-The ball hammer, which is identified because it has a flat end while the other has a hemisphere. It is used mainly in sectors such as plumbing, forging, metalwork or locksmithing.

-The traditional carpenter's hammer, which has a wedge at one end of the head and a square shape at the other.

-The sheet metal hammer, which has two flat ends and large dimensions in order to be able to work the sheet well.

-The claw hammer, which has at one end a kind of nails that serve to lever and at the other a head similar, although somewhat smaller, to that of the carpenter's hammer. This tool is widely used by both formworkers and carpenters.
In the same way, we cannot ignore that the god of Norse mythology Thor, the god of thunder and strength, is identified by carrying a hammer. This one, which has a short handle, is called Mjolnir, never misses the mark, and was created by two dwarves.
Hammer, on the other hand, is the name of a small bone found in the middle ear of humans and other mammals. The hammer is located between the anvil and the eardrum.

Lastly, in the field of sports , the hammer is an object that is thrown in an athletics event . The hammer throw consists of throwing a metallic ball linked through a cable to a grip: the athlete who manages to send the hammer farthest is the winner.

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