What is half Blood?

What Does half Blood Mean

From the late Latin mixticius ( "mixed" , "mixed" ), mestizo is one who is born to a father and mother of different races . The term is often used to name the individual born to a white man and an indigenous woman, or to an indigenous man and a white woman.

The concept began to be developed in Spanish America in the sixteenth century as part of the social stratification and the system of castes based on race. The mestizos had a lower status than the whites, which prevented them from accessing certain positions or services.
As of the independence of the American countries, the new laws began to abolish the privileges arising from birth or blood and established the equality of all human beings before the law .

Since then, the notion of mestizo has been used to refer to people of American, African American and Spanish aboriginal descent. This makes the majority of the Latin American population mestizo.
Despite having crossed the mythical barrier of the 21st century, we are still at a considerably early evolutionary stage as a species, at least when it comes to our ideals and our ability to respect others and the planet we live on. For a mestizo individual, life can be a real hell because of the discrimination and different forms of abuse that many people continue to practice to torture those they consider "different."
In the case of heterosexual unions of people of different races, the first obstacle they must overcome is the opposition of the parents of both parties, although the family of the white individual is usually the most severe, given the hatred and contempt against dark skin that for some reason that is very difficult to understand feels a percentage of the world's population. But racism occurs in any direction and in none of them is it justifiable.
When two heterosexual people of different races decide to marry, if their families suffer from racism, the mere idea that a mestizo child arises out of this union produces the deepest of fears, since it would be an individual who would represent a stain on their race, would be at a gray point and would be an impossible to hide evidence of the disgrace to which their descendants subjected them . Many times, racist people see mixed-race people with worse eyes than those of the rest of the races.
Thanks to the media and the work of some foundations, societies seem to be gradually learning to respect others regardless of their ethnicity , sexuality and beliefs, but there is still a lot of work ahead. Being mestizo can cause ridicule, physical aggression and different types of persecution, the same thing that happens to people born in the country, homosexuals and practitioners of various religions ... The root of these conflicts is the same: hatred.

The idea of ​​mestizo is also applied to other animal and plant species to name the specimens resulting from the crossing of two different races. A mongrel dog , for example, can be one born from the cross of a Doberman and a German sheepdog, although these breeds do not exist in nature but are the product of human manipulation.
Cultural or artistic manifestations can be classified as mestizo when they arise from the mixture of different cultures. A musical band that combines rock, country music and bolero is an example of a mestizo style group, as well as a writer who mixes Celtic legends and Guarani characters can be considered as an exponent of mestizo lyrics.

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