What is hair removal?

What Does hair removal Mean

Discovering the etymological origin of the term hair removal that concerns us now means having to go to Latin. And it is that it derives from the verb "depilare", as it is established in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of the Language.

The waxing is a process that is performed to remove hair that covers the skin . The usual thing is that it develops on certain body regions that, for aesthetic, social or hygienic reasons, are intended to keep hair free.
When epilating, therefore, the human being seeks to remove the hair that he does not want to cover his body . The areas to wax vary according to each culture and depend on gender, although they are also linked to the intentions and predilections of each person . Waxing the armpit , for example, can be an everyday thing for a Latin American woman, unusual for a European and almost non-existent in the case of men.

It is possible to develop hair removal through different techniques and using various instruments. One option is to use a shaving machine that, thanks to its blades, allows you to remove hair from the legs and other regions.
Another alternative is to depilate with wax or creams that are placed on the hair to be removed. In recent years, on the other hand, laser hair removal has become popular .
Specifically, we can say that these are some of the different hair removal systems that exist and are most widely used:

• Tweezers, are used for certain areas of the body such as the eyebrows that have fewer hairs. And it is that those are eliminating hair by hair, so it is a somewhat arduous practice. This system has the advantage that it is very durable.

• Knife. It removes hair close to the skin, it is an inexpensive and fast process. It can be used for any part of the body.

• Electric razor. This method is somewhat painful, although as a compensation it has the fact that it is more durable than the previous one.

• Depilatory creams. These are used by many women when it comes to removing hair from different parts of the body such as the face or legs. They act quickly but have the disadvantages that they do not have a long-lasting effect and that they can cause an allergic reaction.

• Wax. Painful is this hair removal system that is used primarily to remove hair from the legs. It has in its favor that, little by little, it is getting weaker.

• To be. The fact that over time it allows to totally or partially remove hair is what makes more and more people opt for this method. However, it has the disadvantage that it is very expensive.

It should be noted that, when it comes to removing hair from the face (that is, the mustache and beard), the concept of waxing is not usually used, but rather about shaving or shaving . Neither is depilation called the action of cutting or removing the hair that covers the head .
This allows us to affirm that, in general, men do not wax: they shave. Few people still wax their chests or backs for cosmetic reasons, a practice that is often linked to swimmers and other athletes for performance reasons.

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