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What Does guild Mean

Guild is known as the corporation formed by people who develop the same profession, trade or activity. These are organizations that are usually governed by special statutes and different ordinances.

The term, which comes from the Latin gremĭum , can also refer to the group of people who share the same social status or another characteristic in common.
As a type of association , the guild emerged in medieval European cities to bring together artisans who shared a trade. By joining together, the artisans could boost activity, organize demand and guarantee work for all associates. On the other hand, they were dedicated to teaching their work. These issues make the unions are considered as the starting point towards modern unions , although without hierarchies.

The existing scales in the guilds were limited to job training ( apprentice , officer and teacher ). Those who entered the guild did so as apprentices. Through an apprenticeship contract, it was possible to rise to the rank of teacher.
Contracts those that had a series of conditions and established parameters that allowed to leave closed and clear what was the learning process of those who were starting in the profession as well as the ways that those had to continue ascending in the category within the aforementioned union.
In this sense, among some of the issues delimited in these contractual documents, we could highlight that among the commitments of the apprentice, who would have an age between 12 and 14 years, were to obey his teacher at all times as well as to be faithful to him. Not forgetting either that he had to go to the workplace on a daily basis and that he could not be absent from it.
Faced with this, the teacher of that young man who was starting in the profession promised, for his part, to provide him with support as well as education and training in the trade in question. All this without forgetting that, in the same way, he had to grant him a certain monetary amount.
As it could not be otherwise, said contract also established in a very specific way the possible causes that could lead to the document being completely broken. Among them was the fact that the death of the teacher took place, that the time established therein occurred or that both parties made the unanimous decision to terminate it.
In addition to all the above, it must be emphasized that in the Middle Ages the guilds were also in charge of carrying out the cult of the Patron of their respective trades and of guiding, from the spiritual point of view, the members of those.
The guild was in charge of supervising production, controlling contracts, and supplying materials; in short, it regulated productive activity .
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