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What Does guardrail Mean

According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), guardaraya is a term that, in the Antilles , refers to the limit of an inheritance . It is the border of a sector of land that belongs to a family group.

A guardrail, in this setting, can be a landmark , a sign, or a landmark . In this way it marks the terms of a rural property or a farm .
Another use of the concept of guardrail refers to a narrow path that develops between crops . These guardrails, in addition to functioning as a dividing line between different fields, allow the movement of vehicles, animals and individuals.

In other contexts, the notion of guardrail refers to a strip devoid of vegetation in the middle of plains or savannas . This zone is purposely created to prevent an eventual fire from spreading uncontrollably. It can be said, then, that a guardrail is a control strip that provides protection to buildings and plantations located in the region.
Guardaraya , on the other hand, is the name of a neighborhood in the municipality of Patillas ( Puerto Rico ). It has about 1,600 inhabitants, spread over an area of 15.6 square kilometers.
Guardaraya is also a rock band from Ecuador . The group was founded in Quito in 1999 and has released three studio albums: "Chistes y roces" , "Quitarán di áhi" and "I went back" .
The Guardaraya page on Facebook exceeds 36,300 “Likes” . The group also has more than 37,000 monthly listeners on Spotify , according to data from the online platform itself.

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