What is groom?

What Does groom Mean

Grooming is a verb that can be used to refer to the action of polishing, filing, sanding, smoothing or perfecting something . The act can develop, in different ways, in objects or living beings.

For example: "I must groom my helmet before the parade" , "The government intends to groom public buildings so that they will look shiny when the presidents arrive" , "The dog surprised people when he started grooming the lion cubs . "
Grooming can refer to cleaning and polishing metal weapons . To groom a gun, it is possible to use different oils and lotions that give it shine and, in many cases, provide protection against rust.

Sprucing up a facade or a wall, on the other hand, consists of beautifying the surface in question to improve its appearance. The action does not imply a structural or deep change, but a superficial one.
In animals , grooming is associated with caring for the outside of their body. Grooming involves cleaning and deworming the skin or coat , in a behavior that is essential for their health and well-being.
But grooming in animals is much more than the simple act of cleaning one's body; Some of the main functions performed by this activity that most species perform on a daily basis are listed below:
* Although it focuses on the sanitation of the skin, coat and plumage, it also serves to eliminate certain external parasites and prevent some infections;
* keep the outer covering of some animals in good condition so that it can fulfill its function, either to waterproof the body or protect it from extreme temperatures;
* get rid of odors that may attract the attention of certain predators or, during hunting times, alert potential prey to their presence;
* impregnate your entire body with pheromones that your peers can smell. Pheromones are chemical substances that an individual secretes in order to provoke certain behaviors in others of the same species through appropriately coded messages , which can be detected at great distances. Two common examples of pheromone use are sexual attraction or rejection;
* Birds should also groom their feathers to keep them in proper flight condition;
* some species use grooming to achieve their best possible appearance during the courtship season. Despite what many people believe, animals also have to fight to find a mate in many cases.

It should be noted that some species develop the so-called social grooming : that is, one animal is dedicated to grooming another, and is in turn groomed by a third party. In this case, the practice is not only used as a sanitation mechanism, but also contributes to establishing links and resolving conflicts.
Although the most common example of social grooming we usually see in apes, there are many species that practice it; Without going any further, dogs and cats are two species that sometimes resort to this form of communication to show respect or love to their companions, among other things that they will know better than we do.
Grooming can be different for each species. Insects, for example, use their feet to clean their antennae. The birds, who spend more time in this activity than in any other, rub their legs and their beaks, rearrange their feathers and smooth them. The water is the meeting point of many seemingly different animals, and this group also walked us.
A man preens, finally, when he shaves or shaves and combs his hair to achieve a neat aspect and care.

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