What is grid?

What Does grid Mean

A fence is a structure formed by rods or bars that are intertwined in some way. It can be an instrument of security , isolation or ornamentation . For example: "We have to change the window grille: it is very rusty" , "A gate separated the sick from the visitors" , "I really like the decorative grille that you have installed next to the front door" .

The protection bars are the most popular. Built with solid materials that are difficult to violate, their purpose is to prevent unauthorized persons from entering or leaving the premises .
In some prisons , the cells have bars so that the inmates do not escape. In this case, the mobility of the prisoners depends exclusively on the guards, who are in charge of opening or closing the bars. It is worth mentioning that in certain more modern prisons , the normal thing is that the cells look more like normal rooms, although with very thick doors and resistant to any attempt to tear them down.

In homes, bars often serve as an additional security mechanism. They are often installed in windows to make it impossible for an intruder to force them into the house. They can also be installed at the entrance door so that the house has double security (whoever wishes to enter must not only open the door, but also the gate).
A common feature of many fence models is the presence of sharp points at the upper end , as a warning to potential intruders of the danger of injury if they slip while trying to climb and jump inside the property . This can also be harmful to animals that want to get into houses without permission, although they tend to have greater agility and, of course, a much smaller size than a human being.
This design decision is very violent and unnecessary for many people, because it can also cause damage to the owners own home in an emergency in which they are forced to jump to escape or enter the force, which can occur in the middle of a fire, a seismic movement or an attack by criminals already in the house.
Security is one of those controversial topics that can be approached from many different perspectives, and that seem to have no single solution, as they depend on various factors. One of them is the culture and social situation of each country and city; In some parts of the world, the insecurity in the streets is so worrying that the inhabitants are forced to go through the doors of their houses several times before deciding to enter, to verify that no one is watching them and waiting for the moment to enter. Steal.

In a site with these characteristics, it is expected that the houses will have bars on their doors and windows. On the other hand, there are still cities where robberies and attacks on the streets are not so frequent, and it is even possible to leave the doors open during the day without fear that someone will enter by force .
Within the scope of hydraulic engineering , bars are used to protect those installations or devices that can be damaged by certain residues present in the water . In this case, the grid acts as a filter.
Finally, La Reja is the name of a city located in the Province of Buenos Aires ( Argentina ), forming part of the Moreno Party . Its name derives from a grocery store that existed at the end of the 19th century near the current Sarmiento railway station, since all the grocery stores had a fence over the counter to protect the clerk from criminals.

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