What is grenade?

What Does grenade Mean

A grenade is a projectile that contains gunpowder inside. It is an explosive that, depending on the design, can be thrown by a grenade launcher or directly by hand.

In the first case, the grenade is a metallic projectile that is fired by an artillery piece. As for the hand grenade , it is in the shape of a sphere and has a fuze (an element that, located in the nozzle of the pump, allows the charge to be fired ).
There are several kinds of grenades. The fragmentation grenades dispersed, with pop, chips that are usually lethal. The stun grenades , however, do not produce death, but disorient the enemy by a very strong noise and a light flash. The concussion grenades , meanwhile, causing damage to its explosion , without ejecting fragments.

There are grenades, on the other hand, that do not explode. The incendiary shells (which produce heat ) and the smoke grenades are part of this set.
The fruit of the pomegranate , a tree from the Punicáceas family group, is also called pomegranate . The pomegranate has a balloon appearance and has juicy grains with a sweet and sour taste. With the pomegranate, the grenadine is made , a non-alcoholic drink with which cocktails such as acapulco or tequila sunrise and sex on the beach are prepared .
Finally, Granada is the name of several places. An island country of the American continent that is located in the Caribbean Sea ; a province and city of Spain ; and a city and department of Nicaragua are named in this way.

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