What is greenhouse effect?

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What Does greenhouse effect Mean

The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon by which certain gases retain part of the energy emitted by the ground after being heated by solar radiation. There is therefore a warming effect similar to that which occurs in a greenhouse, with a rise in temperature.

Although the greenhouse effect is produced by the action of various components of the planetary atmosphere, the warming process has been accentuated in recent decades by the action of man , with the emission of carbon dioxide, methane and other gases.
Thus, in addition to these two gases, there are also water vapor, nitrogen oxide, chlorofluorocarbon and ozone. All of these elements that are natural but that, as a result of the well-known Industrial Revolution in which an intense activity began in the matter of the use of what are fossil fuels, have seen their presence increase in the atmosphere and that gives rise to the greenhouse effect situation. that occupies us now.

It is important to note that the greenhouse effect is essential to the Earth's climate . The problem lies in pollution since, in an equilibrium situation, the amount of energy that reaches the planet by solar radiation is offset by the amount of energy radiated into space; therefore, the earth's temperature remains constant.
Among this set of important changes that the aforementioned phenomenon originates in the climate and, therefore, in our environment are some as relevant and important as the melting of the polar ice caps. A fact that what it brings with it is a notable rise in sea level that could lead to flooding cities and towns.
Likewise, another of the most relevant consequences of the greenhouse effect is the increase in desertification, thanks to these high temperatures and low rainfall. Not forgetting either that it also originates and may originate to a greater extent that these mentioned meteorological changes notably affect the agricultural sector, and its crops. This is not only a blow to the aforementioned area but also a detriment to everyone, in general.
The fourth great consequence of the aforementioned greenhouse effect is that the fact that these series of modifications take place in the different seasons of the year also brings with it changes in what are the processes of migrations of birds and even in their reproduction.
The greenhouse effect is one of the causes of global warming , the theory that maintains that the earth's temperature has increased in recent times and that, if human behavior is not changed, it will continue to increase. Should the temperature rise outside of normal levels, the ocean level will rise and large inhabited regions will be flooded.

To avoid these problems, several governments promote the Kyoto Protocol , an international convention that seeks to limit greenhouse gas emissions. However, there are countries that refuse to accept the protocol as they consider that it may be detrimental to their economies .

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