What is grate?

What Does grate Mean

The verb to grate is used to refer to the action of breaking something up with the help of a grater . The graters , meanwhile, are tools having a metal plate with holes whose protruding edges : so, the scouring the cheese, bread, etc., the product is crumbled.

When something is grated, it is divided into small pieces. This task is frequent in the kitchen , since it allows obtaining grated cheese (used to season pasta, for example) and breadcrumbs (used to coat different preparations).
It is important not to confuse grating with scratching . The verb to scratch , with Y , refers to making stripes (lines). That is why you should not write grater , grated cheese or grated bread , but those terms carry LL : grater , grated cheese , breadcrumbs .

When it comes to grating cheese , hard varieties are chosen. The Parmesan , the reggianito and Sardinian are some of the most popular cheeses grate.
The cheese can be grated at the moment on the already hot plate, just before consuming. It is also possible to grate it in the moments before putting the food in the oven. Another possibility is to buy the cheese already grated, which is sold in closed packages that are sold in most supermarkets.
For grating bread , on the other hand, dry pieces are chosen. The usual thing is to grate the bread that was made several days ago and that, for that reason, is already hard. The breadcrumbs are used to bread milanesas and croquettes , to mention two alternatives, but also as a binder in hamburgers and meatballs .

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