What is gradation?

What Does gradation Mean

Before proceeding to enter fully into the meaning of the term gradation, we are going to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically from “gradatio, gradationis”, which can be translated as “step”, “step” or “staircase”.

The concept of gradation refers to the development or organization of something through successive degrees , either descending or ascending. The term can also refer to a quantization or a series of elements that are ordered in degrees (that is, according to values, states or levels).
Among the synonyms for gradation we find words such as ladder, hierarchy, progression, succession, series, scale or graduation, for example.
In the field of grammar , gradation is linked to the intensity of an adjective . Qualifying adjectives, for example, can have a superlative degree. The adjective "poor" , to cite a case, can be given more intensity and given a superlative degree, making it "very poor . " There is, therefore, a gradation since the adjective can be more or less intense.

For rhetoric , gradation is the ordering of expressions or words in a speech so that, within the framework of their meaning, they descend or ascend by degrees to express something less or more than the preceding element.
The gradation is linked to how the elements are ordered according to the semantics so that the ideas are linked and generate a certain specific meaning. If someone writes "I feel satisfied, happy, filled with fulfillment ..." , they are going to an ascending gradation . "I was devastated, sad, anguished ..." , instead, reflects a descending gradation .
In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that the Human Resources field also uses the term at hand. Specifically, in this case we speak of a prior grading method, also called classification, which consists of assigning a grade to each position in a company. That is, what you choose to do is divide the company's jobs into categories.
Of this mentioned method, it should be noted that it is used, above all, in companies where there are not too many jobs, that it is a way of organizing the structure or hierarchy within them and that it has the great advantage that it is quick and easy to use. carry out.
In order to put it into practice, it is necessary to follow these series of steps:

-Fix the degrees that may exist in the company.

-Each of these degrees must be given a name and specific characteristics. In the same way, it is important that an ordinal numbering of them be established.
In the field of music , gradation is the harmonic period that, with the aim of accentuating the expression of an affect, rises gradually.

The notion of vowel gradation , finally, refers to the apophony: changing the vowel timbre by the rules of phonetic evolution in terms that have the same root.

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