What is golden?

What Does golden Mean

Originating from the Latin word aureus , the term golden is used to describe that which is made of gold or that is similar to this metal . The adjective is also used in reference to gold .

The use of the concept usually appears in poetic language. For example: "The sunset gave us a wonderful golden landscape" , "Upon entering the senator's house, I was struck by an enormous golden vase located next to the door" , "The golden dress helped to highlight his silhouette and gave him an air of distinction ” .
As a noun, golden can refer to a gold coin that circulated in the Roman Empire . The aureus was issued between the 1st century BC and the 4th century AD. C. , having dimensions equal to those of the denarius. One golden, in terms of value , was equal to twenty-five silver denarii.

The idea of ​​the golden number , on the other hand, appears in the field of mathematics and in the field of astronomy . In the first case, it is an irrational number that is represented by the Greek letter fi .
The golden number ( 1.618033… ) has no period and has infinite decimal places. It has various mathematical properties that make it special, as well as it is present in numerous geometric proportions in nature .
Specifically, the golden number reflects a relationship between two line segments . Leonardo Da Vinci used this proportion to draw his famous Vitruvian Man , for example.
Lastly, astronomers call the golden number the position of a specific year in the Meton cycle , which repeats every nineteen years and enables the cycles of the sun to coincide with the cycles of the moon .

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