What is gold?

What Does gold Mean

Gold is a word derived from the Latin word aurum that serves to identify the chemical element whose atomic number is 79 . It is a metal present in the crust of the earth but in small quantities , with a yellowish and bright hue and that manages to be preserved without undergoing changes thanks to chemical reagents.

It should be noted that gold is characterized by being a good conductor of heat and electricity and is considered the most flexible and manageable of metals. For jewelry , gold is a precious metal that is used to make earrings, earrings and bracelets.
Decorative objects (such as vases) and coins can also be made from gold. The dentists use gold alloyed with platinum and palladium to create parts used on teeth.

Due to its monetary value, the term gold is often used as a replacement for terms such as wealth or wealth : "The mayor left with the town's gold and left the people in ruin , " "The owner of this company can swim in gold." .
It is important to emphasize that throughout history there have been various events and phenomena that have revolved around this metal. Thus, for example, we should highlight the well-known Gold Rush that took place in California, United States, in the period between 1848 and 1855.
The discovery of that element in a sawmill called Sutter's Mill, located in the town of Coloma, during the year 1848 was what led to a massive arrival of people to the area willing to find more gold in order to achieve a life relaxed and full of luxuries and comforts.
It is estimated that some three hundred thousand people were those who came to California, coming from the rest of the country and also from other parts of the world geography such as Europe or Asia, with the clear objective of searching and finding gold.
This fact brought with it a series of both positive and negative consequences. Among the first, he highlighted the fact that, to satisfy the needs of the growing population, cities were created with services of all kinds (churches, schools, means of transport ...). However, on the other hand, very negative results were produced such as great damage to the environment and the attack and expulsion of the aborigines who resided in the areas where gold was sought.
Diverse are the films that have revolved around this historical fact. Among them we should highlight, for example, “Alaska, land of Gold”, from 1960, or “The Gold Rush”, from 1949.
Gold, likewise, is the card that is grouped in the suit of golds and the medal of this material that is given to the winners of certain sports competitions: "Play a gold, please" , "If I want to win this game, I need to an urgent gold ” , “ The German athlete won the gold in the 100 meter freestyle category ” , “ The Australian swimming team finished the tournament with a harvest of four golds ” .

Finally, the 50th anniversary of marriage is known as the golden wedding anniversary: “My husband gave me a diamond ring for our golden wedding anniversary” , “We are going to take a trip to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary” .

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