What is goggles?

What Does goggles Mean

The first definition of goggles mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary refers to glasses . In colloquial language, in this way, glasses can be called goggles .

Goggles , goggles or spectacles are optical instruments that consist of two lenses, one for each eye. The lenses are placed in a frame whose arch rests on the nose and which also has two sideburns that are hooked on the ears.
Thanks to goggles it is possible to achieve compensation for astigmatism , myopia and other vision problems. What the lenses do is modify the path of the light rays and, therefore, the formation of the images in the eye.

In Argentina and Uruguay , indicates the RAE , the notion of goggles refers specifically to the goggles used to protect the eyes . In this way it is possible to speak of welding goggles or diving goggles , to mention two possibilities.
Take the case of diving goggles or masks . In this case, the goggles prevent the eyes from coming into direct contact with the water and thus promote vision. Typically, they have a silicone or rubber structure and flat crystals.
There are also safety glasses for general use. These elements protect the eyes from splashes, sparks and dust , for example. If a person must perform a task that could pose a risk to their eyes, or is in a potentially dangerous environment, they can wear safety glasses and minimize inconvenience.

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