What is goal?

What Does goal Mean

The etymological origin of the term portería that we are now going to address, we have to establish that it is found in Latin. Specifically, it should be emphasized that it derives from the word “portal”, which can be translated as “door”.

The notion of goal has several uses. In sports , the term refers to the framework where players must introduce the ball to score a goal .
The goal, also called an arch , is made up of two vertical posts or poles , joined together by a crossbar or crossbar arranged horizontally at a certain height. It also has a structure developed outside the field of play to support the net that contains the ball or ball once it crosses the goal line.

Take the case of soccer . The goal, at a professional level, must be 7.32 meters wide and 2.44 meters high. The posts and the crossbar or crossbar are considered as part of the field of play: therefore, if the ball hits them and does not leave the regulation surface, the actions do not stop.
To score a goal in soccer , the ball must enter the goal completely (defended by the goalkeeper or goalkeeper ), crossing a line that is the same width as the posts and that joins both sticks.
In the case of the handball goal, we have to establish that it must have interior measurements of 2 meters high by 3 meters wide. Likewise, it must be emphasized that it must be made up of what the frame is (two posts and a stringer), by the pertinent net and, of course, it must be adequately fixed to the ground by means of the corresponding fastening systems.
Also called gatehouse is the space of a building from where the gatekeeper is dedicated to controlling the entry and exit of individuals and / or vehicles . By extension, it is known as the goalkeeper's office and home .
A doorman is in charge of guarding the door, in addition to carrying out other tasks as part of his work activity. If you reside in the same building, you do so in a house called a portería. The goal is also the specific place that the goalkeeper occupies during most of the work day .
Among the other functions performed by a doorman are to turn on and off the lights in the common areas of the building when necessary, collect and take the correspondence to each of the tenants, carry out small repairs, have the meter rooms under control, remove garbage from the building's containers ...
Finally, the goal is the set of ports (openings) of a boat. These ports can be used to load and unload merchandise; for the entry of air and light; or for the installation of artillery.

With that term and its nautical meaning we have to establish that there are different expressions. Specifically, there is the one to "equalize the goal", which is used to mention that it is necessary to ensure that all the gates, when opened, remain in what is the same measure or plane.
There is also the expression “open the goal”, which refers to the fact that it is necessary to proceed to open, whenever possible, the so-called low battery.
Likewise, there is also talk of “friszing the goal”, which is an action that is carried out to prevent water from entering the boat.

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