What is global village?

What Does global village Mean

A village is known as a village located in a rural area, which has a very small number of dwellings and inhabitants. Global , meanwhile, is what refers to the globe or a group.

The idea of ​​a global village was developed by Canadian Marshall McLuhan ( 1911 - 1980 ). This Canadian sociologist and philosopher played with two terms that seem contradictory (the village is something local, small in scale, while the global refers to the entire world) to explain the consequences of the development of mass media .
Simplifying his theories, we could say that, for McLuhan , planet Earth became a kind of village of enormous dimensions since people, thanks to television, radio and other media, can find out at all times what is happening anywhere . In this way, the entire Humanity functions as a village, where the villagers can find out what is happening immediately thanks to the reduced dimensions of the environment where they live.

McLuhan argues that the development of this global village modified the human being in its essence, since it altered from their way of communicating to social organization. In the global village, even symbolic issues may have more value than real ones. An example of this is that a war, to cite one case, is not won simply by force on the battlefield, but must also be won in the media so that society knows and understands that a victory was obtained.
The global village thus supposes the disappearance of physical distances to generate knowledge. The immense amount of information available, on the other hand, implies that people access only a small part : that which they cut out and decide to show the mass media.
Numerous are the defenders and also the detractors that the global village has. Hence, the former consider that it is very important because it has allowed us to enjoy advantages such as these:

-We are more informed than ever, thanks to elements such as the Internet.

-We can establish direct and immediate communication through different means with people who are in another part of the world.

-We have become culturally enriched because we have access to the ways of understanding life, traditions and norms of any country. In other words, there is a more than remarkable cultural exchange that is rewarding for everyone.

-New technologies have made it possible to achieve important scientific advances to develop sectors such as the economy.
In the same way, there are also many people who are absolutely demonstrating against the global village. They position themselves this way because they consider that this has brought with it numerous disadvantages, such as these:

-It has notably increased pollution.

-Above values, feelings and principles, the society of consumerism has imposed itself, where it seems that "you have so much, so much you are worth", as a Manolo García song says.

-In order to be more powerful, there is no hesitation in "stepping on" the most disadvantaged countries in order to obtain the wealth they may have.

-New criminals such as cyberbullies have emerged.

- Ancestral traditions and customs are being lost, as well as face-to-face communication in favor of what is undertaken through the Internet.

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