What is give up?

What Does give up Mean

Before entering fully into the definition of giving up, it is necessary to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a term derived from Latin. It exactly comes from “claudicare”, which is a verb that can be translated as “lose strength” or “decay”.

Giving in is the act of surrendering to temptation or difficulty. Claudication means giving up .
For example: "Although I know that the road is very difficult, I am not going to give in" , "We are not going to give in to the terrorists who want to impose their ideas with blood and fire" , "Sooner or later he is going to give in and then you can keep his place ” .
Whoever gives up stops trying something . That is why not giving up is usually considered a positive thing, since it reveals the perseverance and tenacity of a person . Suppose a teenager dreams of being a soccer player. In order to join a club, he attends various tests before coaches and recruiters, but is unsuccessful. The young man, instead of giving up, continues to train on his own to improve his skills. Some time later he returns to appear for a test and, this time, he is signed by a team. By not giving up, the boy had his reward.

Many are the people who, in certain situations and circumstances, finally decide to give up and not continue with the work or effort they are making to achieve a goal. In that case, in order not to give in, you have to take into account advice such as the following:

-Never give up because, at any time, you can achieve the goals set if you are working and there is a sacrifice behind.

-When you feel like it and you focus on a goal, it is much easier to achieve it.

-When errors occur, they must be seen as something positive. That is, they get us to learn from them and not fall into those mistakes again.

-The story is full of well-known characters who, no matter how many obstacles they encountered in their path, did not choose to give up and kept fighting until they achieved all their dreams. This would be the case, for example, of the British writer JK Rowling who suffered a severe depression and suffered a terrible employment and economic situation. However, little by little he began to shape his "Harry Potter" saga, which has become one of the most successful literary series of all time.
When you insist with some harmful question, on the other hand, the fact of not giving up becomes negative. If a man does not stop bothering and stalking his former partner despite the requests and demands of other people and even of Justice, his perseverance is not worthy of admiration, quite the opposite.
According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ), giving up is also used in the field of medicine as a synonym for limping or to refer to the damage suffered by an organ when the blood supply is interrupted.

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