What is gigabyte?

What Does gigabyte Mean

The term gigabyte is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) but it is very common in computing . It is a unit of measurement that is symbolized as GB and that can have different equivalences according to its use.

Specifically, we can establish that the gigabyte is equal to 10 raised to 9 byte. In addition, it is interesting to make it clear that it is a term that has its etymological origin in Greek. And it is that the first word that gives it shape emanates from the Greek word guigas, which can be translated as "giant".
In addition to all the above, it is also worth making clear the fact that more and more, and especially at a much more colloquial level, instead of using the term gigabyte, that is replaced by the word giga.
Reality shows that binary usage differs from decimal usage. The binary base is more common in the application of the concept for the design of software and hardware . Gigabyte is also used to measure the storage and transmission capacity of a computer system. The capacity of hard drives (or hard drives), for example, is measured in gigabytes (which, in common parlance, is abbreviated as giga).

For example: "I need a hard disk of more than 40 gigabytes for my computer" , "The 54 gigabyte hard disk that I had in my office computer broke: I need a specialist to recover the data . "
However, it must be made clear that it is not the only measure of information units that exists and that it is used to move and work in what would be the technological and specifically computing environment. Thus, in addition to the gigabyte, there are also measures such as the kilobyte, the megabyte, the terabyte or the petabyte, among many others.
Nor can we ignore the fact that the term gigabyte has been used as such for a long time. However, it would not be until 1996 when the different storage devices, such as hard drives or SSD type cards (Solid-State Drive: solid state drive) begin to measure their capacity to that extent. of information.
It is important to distinguish between gigabyte and gigabit . A gigabit is 1/8 of a gigabyte, as it refers to bits and not bytes . The symbol for gigabit is Gb or Gbit . Gigabit is generally used to name the transmission rate of a data stream or to describe the bandwidth.
Gigabyte Technology , on the other hand, is a Taiwanese companythat manufactures hardware. The company, founded in 1986 , is famous for its motherboards or motherboards. It is also dedicated to the production of monitors, power supplies and video cards , among other components.

It should also be noted that, in the same way, there is a company called Gigabyte Sistemas that sells a wide variety of technological products such as consoles, tablets, desktop computers or printers, among many other products.

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