What is genotype?

What Does genotype Mean

Before entering fully into the meaning of the term genotype, it is necessary to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it derives from Greek and that it is the result of the sum of two lexical components of that language:

-The noun “génos”, which can be translated as “lineage”.

-The word "typos", which is equivalent to "type" or "prototype".

The set formed by all the genes of an individual is called a genotype .
The alleles are the various forms that can assume a gene. When alleles manifest, they determine certain characteristics (such as blood group or eye color). The properties of the genotype, therefore, depend on the allelic composition.

It should be noted that all the genes that a species has is known as a genome , which can have multiple variations. The process that determines the particular variations that are recorded in an individual is genotyping . The genotype, in short, is the genetic information of a particular individual .
The manifestation of the genotype in a specific environment, with environmental factors influencing the DNA , is called the phenotype . Therefore, while the genotype is the set of the genes of an organism, the phenotype refers to the traits of that same organism.
In other words : while all the information found in the chromosomes , whether manifested or not, forms the genotype, the phenotype is the expression of the genotype based on the influence exerted by the environment.
The genotype is the genetic content : the genes that are inherited according to the genome. The phenotype, the manifestation of the genotype according to the environmental incidence, which can be observed in the physiology and morphology (physical qualities that can be seen) of the individual.
Likewise, it must be made clear that there are different classes of genotypes, based on the classification carried out by the American scientist Peter D'Adamo. We are referring to the following: -

Collector genotype, which is that of those who have a propensity to gain weight and are at risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes or hypertension.

-Hunter genotype, which is that of human beings who have a fairly stylized appearance and are characterized by also having allergies and stomach acid problems. Among the health problems they are prone to are diabetes, arthritis, and even asthma.

-Warrior genotype, which is the one possessed by those who are very healthy and thin when they are young, but who, as they grow older, gain weight and even have difficulties to be able to have their weight under control. Among the diseases that may suffer are heart disease or insulin resistance.

-Explorer genotype, which is one of those who identify themselves as having a great longevity, but with a very weak state of health.

Also to these are added the master genotype, which is that of strong and vigorous people, and the nomadic genotype, which is of balanced individuals that adapt easily to everything that surrounds them.

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