What is general weakness?

General weakness is a general feeling of fatigue, weakness, and tiredness. General weakness is usually a feeling that occurs throughout the body and cannot be pinpointed to a specific location. However, weakness in a specific muscle group may occur; For example, overexertion of the legs during exercise can cause a feeling of general weakness in the legs. General weakness is usually a symptom of something else, rather than a condition itself.

General weakness can be caused by several things; Temporary illnesses like a cold or flu can cause weakness, or medical conditions like thyroid disease, heart disease, or multiple sclerosis can cause general fatigue. Additionally, simple explanations like overexerting yourself while exercising, eating a consistently poor diet, or not getting enough sleep at night can also cause general weakness. Mental illnesses like depression can cause persistent feelings of fatigue.

Symptoms of general weakness can be difficult to identify. There is usually a general feeling of tiredness; It may seem difficult or impossible to exercise or participate in any type of physical activity. The muscles may or may not be sore. Weakness is a fairly common symptom with a host of different potential illnesses, so it will often be necessary to experience a few other symptoms in order to receive a diagnosis from a doctor.

Someone experiencing general weakness can often solve the problem by getting some rest, taking a break from exercise, trying to get more sleep at night, and improving the diet by making sure it is balanced and full of enough nutrients. Sometimes a specific nutrient deficiency can lead to a feeling of general fatigue and weakness. The weakness should usually resolve in a few days or so; If not, it is best to consider other possible causes of weakness. A doctor may perform blood tests or other diagnostic procedures to determine if a medical condition is present.

General weakness in a specific muscle group is usually caused by overexerting the muscle, either accidentally or during exercise. However, if weakness occurs suddenly in the left arm and is possibly accompanied by stabbing pain or shortness of breath, this may be indicative of a heart attack. Otherwise, the specific muscle group weakness should also heal on its own within a few days, but it is important to allow the muscles to rest and not continue to tense them.

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