What is gazebo?

What Does gazebo Mean

The notion of gazebo is used frequently in regions of South America . However, the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) does not include this term, which is present in the "Dictionary of Americanisms" .

A gazebo is a covered pavilion in a garden, park, or other open space. It is usually circular or hexagonal in shape and has columns that support a dome.
The function of the gazebo is similar to that of a pergola , a kiosk , a tent or a tent : to provide basic protection against weather contingencies. Those who enter a gazebo can protect themselves from the sun's rays and rain , for example.

Due to these characteristics, the gazebos function as resting places and as meeting places. Regardless, beyond functionality, these structures also contribute to ornamentation .
Currently there are multiple types of gazebos. There are fixed or permanent gazebos , whose structure is developed with resistant materials (wood, iron, cement, etc.). Others, on the other hand, are mobile or portable since they can be disassembled and armed. These gazebos are used on the beach : people set up the gazebo on the sand to protect themselves from the sun and, once they are removed, they take it apart and take it with them.
Finally, Gazebo is the stage name of Paul Mazzolini . It is about an Italian musician who sold millions of copies of his single "I Like Chopin" , released in 1983 . The song reached the first place of the ranking in Italy , Austria , Germany and other countries.

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