What is gap?

What Does gap Mean

A hole is called a small opening that allows access to a site . The term, which derives from the mouth , is also used to name the hole made in a wall or wall.

For example: "The robbers made a hole in the wall of the bank and took all the money from the boxes" , "The lizard escaped through the hole" , "A maintenance worker opened a hole in a fresco from the 14th century by error ” .
The notion of a gap can be used with reference to a slit or a crack in a symbolic sense . In this way, someone could say that a lawyer took advantage of a legal hole to get a person convicted of murder free, or that the funds contributed by an investor to a company were lost due to a hole in the accounts.

The most common use of the concept , however, refers to a physical hole that occurs in a construction or an object. Creating gaps to enter a confined space is a common criminal technique. Criminals who make holes for theft are called " boqueteros" . A group of boqueteros, in this sense, can make a hole in the roof of a clothing store to access the establishment when it is closed and thus steal merchandise.
The holes are not always made in concrete or brick surfaces; In fact, in decoration works it is often necessary to drill a hole in a glass panel , something that requires prior knowledge and a lot of attention to avoid accidents.
First of all, as in any other case, we must find the right bit, which must always be harder than the material to be drilled. To do this, we must identify the type of glass, bearing in mind that a hole cannot be made in tempered or safety glass.
Beyond the drill bit, the tools and accessories we need to make a hole in a glass structure are not special: most household electric drills work, as well as the gloves and protective glasses that we must wear to reduce the chances of injury. This does not mean that we can use a drill in the same way in a wall as in a window: to pierce glass it is necessary to reduce the power, which inevitably extends the process.
If the object to be drilled is relatively small, it is recommended to place it inside a plastic container before starting to drill, having previously placed a few sheets of newspaper inside. An alternative is to support it on a pad that can adapt to its shape. The important thing is never to hold the object with your hand while we pierce it.

To prevent the bit from slipping while we are drilling, something that can ruin the job at best, it is advisable to cover the surface with a thick cardboard sheet and adhere it with tape or glue.
Among the Spanish provinces of Granada and Malaga, meanwhile, there is a port mountain called Boquete de Zafarraya , located in the Sierra de Alhama, in the Cordillera Penibética. It is the most important natural passage between the province of Granada and Malaga's Axarquía (which should be pronounced as if there were a J instead of the X , that is, "A j arquía").
The importance of the Boquete de Zafarraya is not recent; Already from prehistoric times there were evidences of the settlement of this site, in the form of remains that appeared in two caves, one with the same name and the other called the Tagus .
Finally, Boquete is the name of a district that is located in the Panamanian province of Chiriquí . Its capital is called Bajo Boquete , a city where more than 4,000 people live.

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