What is fundamentalism?

What Does fundamentalism Mean

The concept of fundamentalism comes from the English fundamentalism . The notion, in its broadest sense, refers to fanaticism for a practice or a doctrine , with an uncompromising attitude towards those who do not share the belief or conviction.

Among the synonyms of fundamentalism we can highlight words such as extremism, fundamentalism and even fanaticism.
Fundamentalism is generally associated with a religious movement based on the literal interpretation of a foundational or sacred text . The fundamentalists, in addition, try to apply the precepts and norms that emanate from said text in a strict way, without considering the context or the time. Those who do not obey these principles are punished.

The most common use of the term, at least in Western societies, is linked to the Islamic current that seeks to strictly apply the Koranic law in all areas of social life . At its most radicalized, fundamentalism is jihadist : it encourages jihad , which is the holy war of Muslims to spread their religion throughout the world.
Islamic fundamentalism imposes Islamic law on all people: this law , known as sharia , involves a code of conduct and worship that indicates what is right and what is wrong (or, in other words, determines what is allowed and what is wrong). forbidden). Other characteristics of fundamentalism is that it erases the division between the civil sphere and the religious sphere, since everything becomes governed by Islamic law and by the interpretation of the Koran .
From the aforementioned Islamic fundamentalism it is also necessary to know other data of interest:

-It also determines not only the role of women in society but also how they should dress, using what is known as burkas that completely hide their body and face .

-Within him a new trend has emerged that responds to the name of neo-fundamentalism. It is characterized by being very radical, targeting the "enemies of Islam" and has very clear leaders. Specifically, within that are from Boko Haram to Al-Qaeda through the Islamic State.

-In recent years it has become extremely radical and the result of that process are truly violent actions such as the attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York, which were caused by two planes that were hijacked and crashed into the Twin Towers, or the attacks of March 11, 2004 in Madrid. The latter attack, which consisted in the placing of several bombs in some Cercanías trains that caused the death of 193 people and wounds of varying severity in some 2,000 people.
Beyond Islam , there are other types of fundamentalisms, such as Catholic fundamentalism (which interprets the Bible literally), Jewish fundamentalism (linked to Orthodox Judaism) and Hindu fundamentalism (conservative Hindus who seek to restore the caste system in the India and expel from the nation those who profess other religions).

In the same way, one can also talk about what political fundamentalism is. And it is considered that a good example of this is, for example, Nazism, as it is collected in the book written by Adolf Hitler and entitled "My struggle."

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