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What Does functional Mean

Functional is that which belongs to or is related to functions . The concept is linked to something or someone that works or serves. An official can be functional to the interests of the government , for example, while a table is functional if it manages to satisfy the needs of its users.

In general, this adjective is used to refer to something whose design has

focused on offering ease, comfort and utility in its use .
In this way, starting from this meaning, it is interesting to emphasize that within the world of decoration it is becoming more and more frequent to hear this term. And it is that it is used to refer to all that set of furniture whose clear mission is to ensure that the people who use it are comfortable with it or it is easy for them to use it.

Certain artifacts allow a person to have greater functionality (to be able to take care of themselves for different tasks), especially in cases where the subject suffers from some type of disability .
A prosthesis or an implant can help the person to be more functional, that is, to fulfill more functions in their daily life. These are objects that help increase capacity. In this sense, what is functional is linked to accessibility , which is what is easy to access, treat or understand. A functional object is a technical aid that guarantees greater accessibility; therefore, it improves the quality of life and the autonomy of the people.
In mathematics, for example, the term functional is also used with some frequency. Specifically in that it is used to refer to a series of functions. Thus, for example, there would be the so-called functional equations, which are those that are formed by a series of unknowns and independent variables that have to be solved.
In computing, the term we are dealing with is also used. In your case, it is used to construct the expression "functional programming", which is one that is a fundamental pillar of programming and is based on a set of arithmetic-type functions.
And all this without forgetting that in the field of music the concept that we are addressing is also used. Specifically, in this area we talk about functional music, which is that which is characterized by the fact that it is composed and used for a specific and specific purpose. In this way, for example, it can be interpreted for a specific religious or civil act, to sell a product, to be identified with a sports celebration or to act as a soundtrack for a movie.
The functional grammar is that based on the study of the functions of the elements that make up a language . The linguistic and other social sciences have a current known as functionalism , which specializes in analyzing systems as an integrated whole, coherent and functional.

In chemistry , the atom or set of atoms that give characteristic chemical properties to a certain organic molecule is known as a functional group .

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