What is fun?

What Does fun Mean

Something fun is that which produces fun : recreation, entertainment. Fun makes a person in a good mood or happy . For example: “Ernesto's birthday was very funny: we stayed singing and dancing until dawn” , “The latest book by the Chilean writer is funny thanks to the absurd and hilarious situations that it presents throughout its pages” , “I go to look for some funny program to watch on TV before going to sleep ” .

The humans , usually try and have fun this is an emotion or feeling nice . When someone is having fun, they do not usually worry or think about their problems, and in fact it is often that remoteness from difficult issues to solve that drives us to seek fun.

Needless to say, we are not the only living beings who know how to have fun. If we observe the day-to-day life of an individual of another species, we will also notice that he dedicates part of his time to relaxation and entertainment, although his culture is different from ours. Whether we're talking about a wolf, a horse, or a crow, animals can put their obligations aside for a while to have fun with their friends.
It is important to mention that the adjective funny can refer to a particular situation or an inherent or own characteristic . That is to say: a subject can "be" funny or "be" funny. The fact of being funny is linked to an external and temporary stimulus (attending a party, watching a funny movie, talking with friends), while, when a person usually tends to amuse others or have fun, it is classified as funny : “I'm amused seeing how children discuss soccer” , “My uncle is a funny man who always has a smile” , “Why are you so funny?” .
Since each person has the possibility to develop their own tastes , the same activity may seem fun for some but boring for others. The same goes for products such as books, movies, and video games. In other words, we cannot define a closed set that includes all the elements considered "fun."
Despite this, conventions and common sense help us to intuit what things are not fun, or should not be. We should first place the harm to others: no one in their right mind should enjoy hurting another living being, regardless of whether they do it arbitrarily or in self-defense. Violence, therefore, is not a form of entertainment.
Sleeping and eating are not actions that can be considered fun, although this does not mean that we can have a funny dream or a funny conversation while having lunch with a person we like.

If we ask a hundred people chosen at random what causes them fun, probably some of them mention reading, video games , movies, competitive sports or board games, although the diversity that characterizes our nature prevents us from knowing for sure.
While fun is valued, there are contexts where it has no place. In the workplace, to cite one case, fun is not usually a priority, but actions pursue other effects (efficiency, precision, etc.). Looking for a fun component in a funeral or war, on the other hand, is misplaced .
In Argentina and Peru, on the other hand, saying that someone "is having fun" can mean that they are slightly intoxicated. The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy defines the expression to be or to walk badly amused, it gives as "to lead a life given to the vices".

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