What is frugal?

What Does frugal Mean

Before entering fully into the meaning of the term frugal, it is necessary to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from Latin, exactly emanates from "frugalis", which can be translated as "relative to crops". Word that is the result of the sum of two lexical components:

-The noun “fruges”, which is synonymous with “fruits of the field”.

-The suffix “-alis”, which is used to indicate “relative to”.

Those who usually drink and eat in moderation, in a concise way, are classified as frugal .
Among the synonyms of the term frugal we can highlight some words such as measured, sober, spare, abstemious, temperate or moderate. On the contrary, among the antonyms of that word are abundant, copious, generous, substantial or splendid, among others.
By extension, what is limited or sober is classified as frugal . For example: "After a frugal lunch, the president traveled to China to meet with the president of the Asian nation" , "Although he earned a lot of money, the singer had a frugal life, far from luxury and ostentation" , "The best thing about this car is its frugal fuel consumption . "

Frugality is often linked to prudence or savings . The frugal individual is not a consumer, but only seeks to procure what allows him to satisfy his basic needs. In this way, you avoid wasting resources.
Someone may have a frugal behavior out of conviction, since he considers that the correct thing is to avoid the superfluous or the unnecessary . Other people may turn to frugality with a long-term goal: they restrict the consumption of goods in the present to save money and thus, later, to have some capital .
Likewise, it is also common to talk about frugal life. This is considered to be the one carried out by people who bet to live with enough, who do not spend more than what they earn, who use the money they have wisely so as not to generate debt and complicated economic situations ... Thanks to They are considered to know how to use their money appropriately and without risk, that they optimize their resources and that they know how to live comfortably.
With regard specifically to food, a subject may choose a frugal meal to keep fit or not to feel heavy. If a man plans to go play soccer in the early afternoon, he will likely choose a frugal lunch to prevent food from going bad with physical activity. The person who wants to lose weight, for his part, can select frugal meals so as not to ingest too many calories, apart from the fact that he will need the accompaniment of a nutritionist to determine which diet is the right one for his body.
In the same way, on the Internet we have to highlight the existence of a web page called Frugal y Abundante, which is committed to publicizing measures to carry out financial operations that can be successful and thus improve the economic amount that one has.

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