What is frog?

What Does frog Mean

The frog is an animal that is part of the group of anurans , which are batrachians that do not have a tail. These animals have highly developed hind legs, which allow them to move by jumping and be very agile.

Frogs have the body color of green and usually have a length of about ten centimeters. In addition to jumping, they also move in the aquatic environment through swimming. That is why it is common for them to live in areas close to water in adulthood .
Frog is often used as a synonym for toad . However, the concept of frog refers to an animal of the genus Rana , while toads belong to the genus Bufo . In colloquial language, frog is usually named for frogs with almost smooth skin and an athletic body, leaving the term toad for the animal with rough skin, warts, and a plump body.

There are several species of frogs, with characteristics in common. They all feed on invertebrate animals and lay their eggs in the aquatic environment. Males generally croak.
It should be noted that frog meat is part of the human diet in many countries . It is a food of nutritional importance, since it has a good amount of protein and a low level of fat. For its properties, frog meat is often compared to fish.
According to the geographic region, the term frog is used to name a spy, a snitch, an individual of short stature, someone clumsy, a person of great cunning or a member of the police .
Poisonous golden frog
This amphibian has a golden body, large black eyes, and the intimidating ability to produce poisonous toxins. Since this species of frog does not bite to defend itself, the problem arises when touching it; Despite being a small animal, its venom is capable of causing death. It has a great speed to move both on land and in water. Like many others, it is in danger of extinction .
Red-eyed green frog
For many, the red-eyed frog is the most striking and interesting species. Thanks to the sticky pads they have on their legs, they are able to stick to plants and different objects in their environment without losing their balance. Their movements are very fast and their jumps reach great distances. Its peculiar combination of colors distinguishes it from other species; his skin, far from being simply green, is a combination of orange, blue, yellow and green . Also, your pigments can change to suit your environment.

Goliath frog
Its name makes it clear that it is a species of large frog ; in fact, it can be 13 inches long, about six times the size of a red-eyed frog and three times the size of the average frog. Their size, as well as their weight, largely depend on the habitat and food available to them. A curious fact is that it cannot make vocal sounds, although it does have a very well developed sense of hearing. Its color is dark green, which allows it to go unnoticed easily.
Green tree frog
It is a species of frog from Australia that is very interested in lovers of these animals. Their skin is neon green and, very much against the wishes of animalists, medicine takes advantage of its properties, since it excretes substances that are used to fight viruses and bacteria. Despite its name, its skin color can change as needed to blend in with its surroundings .

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