What is frame?

What Does frame Mean

A frame is the piece that surrounds or trims certain things and that allows to fit doors, windows and paintings, for example: “I am going to place a gold frame on the window of the room” , “I need a wooden frame to be able to hang my new box ” .

In this way, also in the field of decoration we find the frames that house photographs and that serve to personalize any office or house since they show loved ones and happy and special moments.
Wood, glass or cardboard are the three most used materials to shape snapshot frames. However, it is necessary to underline the fact that the advancement of technologies has led to the existence on the market of what is known as a digital frame. It is the one that gives the possibility of showing a large number of photographs that are in digital format, usually in JPEG.

The landscape or environment that surrounds something is known as a framework : "The hotel has an imposing setting, with lakes and mountains" , "My dream is to live in a house surrounded by a natural setting . "
In a similar sense, the framework is the limit that allows framing a historical question or stage : "In the framework of the negotiations for the bill, the ministers discussed late into the night" , "You have to understand the heroes in the historical framework of their actions ” .
Marco is also the monetary unit of some countries and the old German silver coin .
Likewise, it should not be forgotten that the term in question also acquires prominence in the legislative sphere through what is known as a framework agreement. A more general agreement to which other more specific ones must adapt is that one.
On the other hand, a frame is the measure of the length, width and thickness that the timbers should have according to their classes, the geometric figure that is adopted to regularly distribute a plantation on the ground, the pattern by which they should be regulated weights and measures, and the half pound weight used for gold and silver.
It should be noted that a frame is a template that is used in delineation and a tool that is used to point out trees.
Finally, we can mention that Marco is a masculine name that comes from the Latin Marticus and that translates as Marcos , Marcus , Mark , Marko and Marek , for example.
Starting from the use of the term Marco as a proper name, we must refer to the fact that in the cinema and on television there have been characters with this name who have already become part of our culture. This would be the case, for example, of Marco, the little protagonist of the small screen series of the same name.

That is an animated production made in the 70s that tells the story of a boy who travels around the world with the clear objective of finding his mother who, in search of a better future for him, has had than to emigrate to find a job that allows him to get money.

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