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What Does Foundation Mean

From the Latin foundatĭo , the term foundation allows to name the action and effect of founding (establishing, creating or building something). The concept is therefore linked to architecture and engineering .

In any case, the notion of foundation transcends material construction . The founding of a city, for example, refers to a political or social will, beyond the physical and material structure. A city can be founded by a few people and some minor buildings, although, over time, the structure reaches a much greater development.
In law , a foundation is a non-profit legal entity. It is an organization that continues the work of the one who founded it and fulfills his will of solidarity. The Favaloro Foundation , created by the Argentine doctor René Favaloro , is an example of a non-profit organization that meets social needs.

However, we cannot ignore the foundation that is considered the most important in the world given the charitable and charitable action it carries out. We are referring to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which was created in 1994 and is based in the American city of Seattle.
More than 35,000 million dollars are those that this foundation has donated to a series of important international causes such as the prevention of AIDS, the fight against malaria and tuberculosis or the job development of people living in the Third World with it. clear objective that they have an optimal perspective of the future and, therefore, of life.
There are several geographical places that have been baptized with the name of Fundación , such as a municipality in the Colombian department of Magdalena , a district in the Dominican province of Barahona and a tram stop in Tenerife .
In addition to all this, we cannot ignore the fact that in the field of Literature there are also several works whose title is the word that we are analyzing in depth. This would be the case, for example, of the play written by the Spanish playwright Antonio Buero Vallejo. In 1974 it was specifically when it was published and premiered under the title "The Foundation."
In it we are told how five characters are together in a cell because they have been sentenced to death after one of them betrayed the rest for having carried out a criminal act. The interesting thing about the story is the subjective perception of what happens on the part of the protagonist who thinks that the prison is nothing more than a majestic room with magnificent views.
Finally, a series of books written by Isaac Asimov is known as the Foundation saga . These are science fiction stories that constitute a reflection on the future based on possible technological advances. Asimov analyzes the eventual interaction and coexistence between humans and advanced robots. The author even postulated laws of robotics to assume the operation of these robots.

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