What is foreground?

What Does foreground Mean

The foreground idea is used in photography , television and film . Before proceeding with the definition, it is imperative to focus on the concept of plane .

Flat , in this context, is a point of view . The segment of a movie that is shot in a single shot is also called a shot .
Regarding a close-up , it is one that is directed to an isolated element or to the face and shoulders of an individual . The object in question or the face of the character, therefore, occupies almost the entire space .

The close-up of a person , in short, does not show more than the face and shoulders. This shows that the lens is positioned at a very close distance, generating a feeling of intimacy . It can also focus on a particular part (like a hand).
The notion of the foreground also has a symbolic use. It can be used to refer to the great importance of something , the impact achieved or the position of privilege achieved. For example: "The coach, upon taking office, announced his intention to bring the team back to the forefront of the continent" , "The accident brought the issue of road safety to the fore" , "The reappearance of the former president in the foreground politician surprised analysts ” .
In the mass media, meanwhile, the expression “foreground” is often used for the naming of publications, programs , etc. “Primer Plano” is a television series that has been on cable TV in Argentina for more than 25 years and is also a Mexican broadcast that was born in 1999 , to mention two cases.

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