What is forceps?

What Does forceps Mean

Forceps is a term from the Latin language. It is a kind of forceps that is used in the most complicated deliveries to facilitate the extraction of the baby from the mother's womb.

The forceps is an obstetric tool that attempts to simulate the mechanism of a normal delivery. It has two metal blades or branches that, in the middle sector, articulate with each other. At one end it has handles, while at the other it has curved spoons that adapt to the child's head and the curvature of the woman's pelvis .
Ultimately, what the forceps allows is the development of an assisted vaginal delivery , in which the doctor uses the instrument to move the child through the birth canal and guide it outward. Simultaneously, the mother is in charge of pushing.

In certain cases, the forceps allows the fetus to be rotated so that delivery can occur. It also helps prevent a cesarean section. The forceps, however, can also cause injury to both the baby and the mother. This is why it is only used when the baby needs help to come out, the mother is exhausted, or there is some kind of medical problem that makes pushing risky for the woman.
Since the use of forceps is not entirely safe for either the mother or the baby, many specialists dedicate their work to avoiding instrumental deliveries by all means. Let's see below some of the most useful tips in this framework:
* that a midwife accompany the mother throughout the entire process , paying attention to all her needs;
* that the mother choose a trusted person to stay by her side during the delivery. This can drastically change your performance and your level of relaxation, reducing the need to use forceps to complete the process;
* adopt an upright posture when it is time to expel the child. There are several, and each mother should choose the one that is most comfortable for her. In this case it is also beneficial for the midwife to help her;
* avoid the use of epidural anesthesia . This pain reduction technique is believed to typically involve the use of forceps by 5 percent, as the drugs limit muscle mobility, making pushing harder. This does not mean that the only option is to bear the pain, but rather that there are less invasive and more "natural" alternatives, so to speak, that favor delivery without the use of instruments.
All of this leads us to wonder if cesarean section is better than forceps. First of all, it is important to remember that each obstetric intervention is indicated for very specific cases, so that there is no hierarchy in terms of its quality. Gynecologists and obstetricians have sufficient training to determine which method should be applied in each case, at each moment of delivery, and this includes caesarean section and forceps. The woman has the right to know all the risks before giving her consent, and also to decide on an intervention different from that proposed by the doctor.

In the field of dentistry , forceps are an instrument used to extract teeth . Dental forceps come in different shapes, depending on the kind of tooth that needs to be extracted.
Finally, the concept of forceps is used figuratively to refer to what is difficult to remove. For example : "I had to get the money from him with forceps, but I got Juan to return the loan to me" , "The investigator, using forceps, managed to obtain the data he needed from the suspect . "

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