What is forbidden?

What Does forbidden Mean

Prohibited is what is prohibited or is not authorized . The prohibited, therefore, lacks permission for its development or its existence. For example: "Excuse me, but the entry of the public to this room is prohibited" , "Throwing garbage in the street is prohibited and people, however, continue to do so" , "The dissemination of a prohibited video of the singer generated a scandal ” .

The prohibition can be established in various ways. Whoever is in a position to prohibit, has authority over what they intend to turn into something prohibited. The owner of a bar, to cite one possibility, can inform his customers that it is forbidden to enter with a naked torso. This man has the right to establish this prohibition since he has the property of the bar.

Most of the prohibitions are set by the State through the Judicial Power , in charge of sanctioning the laws . These legal norms indicate what can and cannot be done within the framework of a society. Stealing, murder, driving a vehicle without a registration or license, and selling illegal drugs are just some of the behaviors and actions that are prohibited by law .
Some issues become forbidden over time. Smoking in a restaurant , to mention one example, was a common practice until a few years ago. A change in social awareness of the harm caused by cigarette health caused many governments prohibit smoking in dining establishments and other spaces. Thus, smoking in certain places is now prohibited.
Throughout history there have been various terms that came to indicate fundamental issues that are precisely prohibited. Thus, for example, we find the so-called forbidden fruit, which refers to that apple, in the form of sin, which it was established that Adam and Eve could not eat, but that they finally devoured, having to face serious consequences.
In this way, that idea has been maintained to this day and the term fruit or forbidden fruit is associated with sin.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what was called the Index of Prohibited Books (“Index librorum prohibitorum”). It was promulgated by the Council of Trent during the first half of the sixteenth century and came to collect the title of those publications that the Catholic Church considered that violated the faith. Hence, by including titles in said list, it established a clear censorship that prevented them from being read.
This document or enumeration was very much taken into account by the Holy Inquisition, which fought against heresy and believed that these books encouraged it. Among the most significant works included are these:

- “De revolutionobis orbis coelestium” by Nicolás Copernicus.

-The complete work of the French writer and humanist François Rabelais.

- “Los miserables”, by Víctor Hugo.

All this without forgetting the works of other illustrious figures such as Kepler, Descartes or Kant.
Over the centuries this list was renewed until, fortunately, it disappeared forever. Specifically, it did so in 1966.
Finally, what is prohibited can be associated with what is done or disseminated without the consent of someone involved . If a hacker steals an intimate video from a star's computer , the material may be classified as a prohibited video .

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