What is footwear?

What Does footwear Mean

The term footwear derives from the verb calzar , whose most common use is linked to the act of covering a foot . Footwear, therefore, is the element used to protect and cover the feet and part of the legs .

For example: "On my last birthday they gave me a lot of shoes" , "This week they opened a shoe store in the mall" , "I have already chosen the clothes that I am going to wear at the end of the year party: I just need define footwear ” .
There are multiple kinds of footwear. Its basic function is to protect and warm the feet, although they also have an aesthetic purpose. Many footwear are used with socks or stockings : that is, they are not in direct contact with the person's skin, but are placed on another garment (the socks).

The sizes of footwear vary according to the user's foot. There are also many materials with which footwear is made: leather, rubber, fabric, etc.
With casual dress, it is common for people to wear sports shoes. This type of footwear is usually known as sneakers , tennis or championes , depending on the country. The most formal footwear is called a shoe . When the footwear covers the ankles and part of the leg, it is called a boot .
Footwear is as important a part of clothing as any other, and in fact the products of some big-name brands cost real fortunes. While many people buy shoes and sneakers because they don't have the option to go barefoot around town, most spend a lot of money on footwear to be fashionable and build a high-end image.
In schools in which the use of a uniform is not required, in fact, the brand of clothing and footwear is one of the points that usually generates discrimination among students. For this reason, more and more institutes are leaning towards the adoption of a uniform, so that the "value" of each person is measured by their work and not by their belongings.
The sandals , the sandals , the sandals or flip flops and slippers are other items of footwear. It should be noted that some footwear is intended for domestic use, inside the home.
Flip flops, for example, are a type of footwear that is used in hot weather , since they practically do not cover the foot. It is a base that covers the entire sole and that clings to the foot by means of two strips, one of which passes perpendicular to the direction of the toes and another that joins it through the first two fingers. Flip flops are generally worn on the beach and in summer recreation spaces, especially if frequent shoes and shoes are required, such as at a pool club.

On the other hand, there are slippers, also known as house slippers , which are made of thick materials to protect us from the cold of winter. Unlike flip flops, slippers are worn in cold weather and, with few exceptions, they are never worn outside the house . In short, we could say that these are two complementary types of footwear, which help us feel more comfortable and protect our health throughout the year.
Footwear can be used as an adjective to refer to the religious who maintain rules that have not been reformed; quadruped animals whose legs have a different color on their underside; and to certain shields of heraldry.

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