What is foothills?

What Does foothills Mean

The foothills are the area near a mountain range : that is, a mountain range . The term is usually used with respect to the Andes mountain range .

Precordillera, therefore, is a concept that is used especially in South America , where the aforementioned Andes mountain range is located , which is the longest mountain range on the planet . It extends between Patagonia and Venezuela , crossing Bolivia , Peru , Ecuador and Colombia and functioning as a natural border between Argentina and Chile .

At elevations that are not part of the Andes but are close to it they mention them as part of the foothills. Sometimes the foothills are spoken of as a morphological structure.
In the Argentine case, reference is usually made to the foothills of Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja . This foothills occupies an area of about 450 kilometers where the arid climate prevails with a marked thermal amplitude.
The Argentine foothills are chosen for the development of various agricultural activities, such as viticulture. Regarding the flora, the presence of carob trees, cardones and bushes stands out, while the fauna includes examples of pumas, red foxes, guanacos and iguanas.
The zonda is common in the foothills of Argentina . It is a warm and dry wind that rises in the anticyclone of the Pacific Ocean and loses its humidity as it passes through the foothills and reaches higher altitude.
The Chilean foothills , for its part, allows mining exploitation in different sectors. It also includes areas of great ecological importance, such as the Alto Huemul Nature Sanctuary , famous for its oak forest .

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