What is fold?

What Does fold Mean

A crease is the mark or bending which arises when a material having flexibility is no longer smooth. The creases, therefore, appear when fabrics, papers, etc. are folded.

For example: "I'm going to have to iron these pants : the folds are noticeable" , "When the teacher approached, the student made a fold in the sheet to try to hide the drawing" , "With a few folds, you can make this cardboard in a toy airplane ” .
In clothes , the folds can be those folds that are made on purpose either as ornamentation or to make the garments better adapt to the body of the people: “The dressmaker made me some folds in the sleeves of my legs so that I do not step on the pants when I walk ” .

Within the field of geology , folds are the undulations that arise on the earth's surface from a horizontal force that is exerted on the rocks, a phenomenon that causes them to deform and the fold in question to appear. When the force exceeds the elasticity of the rocks, they break and what is known as failure occurs.
Finally, when we speak of skin fold , we are referring to wrinkles that appear with age or according to the expressions or postures that are adopted. In the modern world, many people seek to hide these folds as they are a sign of old age. For this, they resort to cosmetic surgeries that “stretch” the skin again.
Nuchal fold measurement
Around the twelfth week of pregnancy, a transient accumulation of fluid occurs in the nape area of ​​the fetus that can be seen on ultrasound and is used to measure the nuchal fold, the translucent space in the tissue of your neck. The nuchal translucency test is highly recommended as it can alert you to possible disorders in the baby's development. Since the nuchal fold usually grows each day of gestation, an average value that has been determined by the researchers is used.
To carry out the measurement of the nuchal fold, it is necessary for the baby to be on its side, providing a clear view of the neck. When the thickness of the translucency is greater than 3 millimeters, chromosomal abnormalities can occur; This excessive accumulation of fluid is the earliest and most reliable indicator of Down syndrome (also known as trisomy 21 and Mongolism , occurs when cells have an extra chromosome 21 and leads to, among other problems, learning difficulties).

It should be noted that the nuchal translucency test is a presumptive test and is not used to make a diagnosis; As well as allowing physicians to detect possible signs of Down syndrome, it also serves to assess fetal growth according to known normal parameters and detect the presence of nasal bone. Its results are combined with the triple screening ( triple test ), another prenatal test that seeks Chromosomal abnormalities associated with Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18), in addition to strengthening the assessment of the risk of Down syndrome.
To calculate the results, certain data must be taken into account , in addition to the measurement of the nuchal fold, such as the mother's age, the baby's development time and the information provided by a mother's blood test. Although any woman can have a child with chromosomal abnormalities, age is directly proportional to risk; In statistical data, at age 25 the probability is 1 in 1200, while at 40 it is 1 in 100.

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