What is foam?

What Does foam Mean

In order to know the meaning of the term foam, it is necessary to discover, in the first place, its etymological origin. Specifically, we can state that it derives from Latin, exactly from “spuma”.

It called foam accumulation of bubbles generated on the surface of a liquid. In this gaseous mass, the bubbles clump together with a certain consistency.
Foam can be said to be a dispersed system : there is a dispersed phase in a large number of fractions (the air present in the various bubbles) and a continuous phase (the liquid walls that surround the bubbles). Various liquids, under certain conditions, can foam.
That is why it is possible to find foam - a term from the Latin spuma - in different places. When ocean waves break on the shore, for example, foam is produced. The phenomenon is generated for several reasons, such as the alkalinity of the ocean and the high concentration of dissolved organic matter (lipids, proteins and others).

When serving beer , foam also appears at the top of the glass. In this case, the foam is linked to the carbonation of the drink: the dissolution of carbon dioxide that comes from the alcoholic fermentation of barley, wheat or the cereal used in its production.
The soap , meanwhile, foam if you rub under the water . The reason: the friction of its molecules and the water molecules generates air bubbles, which are covered by the oil contained in the soap.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known as polyurethane foam, which is a material that is used more and more in the field of construction. Specifically, it is used not only as a thermal and acoustic insulator but also to mount windows, fill gaps, mount doors ...
There are several types of this kind of foam on the market. Specifically, we can establish that there are two more relevant varieties:

-Specific ones, which are designed to carry out very specific functions. Thus, we come across those that are used for joints, those that are designed for tiles, those that are used for windows and doors, the fire retardants ...

-The multipurpose ones, that are used for a great variety of actions in the field of construction .
In order to carry out the use of polyurethane foam, it is necessary to proceed with a series of important tips to make it work properly. It is exactly established that it is essential not only to clean the surface on which it is to be placed well but also to moisten that surface, with the clear purpose that it can adhere more easily and quickly, or even proceed to spray whenever it is in an environment with good ventilation, specifically outdoors.
The foam , foam rubber or foam , finally, is a product or synthetic latex obtained through an industrial process. Soft and fluffy, foam is often used as a filling for pillows and mattresses due to its characteristics.

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