What is foal?

What Does foal Mean

The term foal is used to name the horse from its birth until it is 4 and a half years old , when it changes its milk teeth. A foal, therefore, is a young equine .

The gestation of the horses lasts about eleven months. Typically , the mare gives birth to a single foal: a curiosity is that at the birth of the foal legs and reach 90% of the length that will in adulthood of the animals .
Just an hour after birth, the foal can stand up. And two hours later, he is fit to run. The final color of its coat , meanwhile, it acquires it when it is about two years old.

A colt is also a wooden structure that allows a horse to be held when the horse cannot be shod. There are also foals designed to immobilize cows and donkeys.
On the other hand, a colt is called an instrument used to torture . The victim is tied to a surface that is connected to a winch, which rotates causing the limbs to stretch in different directions.
In sports , a colt is a device used in artistic gymnastics . It is a parallelepiped with four legs that is usually lined with leather or some synthetic material and on which the gymnast performs various exercises.
Finally, “Colt” can be a nickname given to someone who has a lot of strength or moves at high speed, like a horse. Or the one who stands out for its beauty. The Argentine singer Rodrigo Bueno , for example, was known as “El potro” .

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