What is fly?

What Does fly Mean

The flies are flying insects and Diptera : that is, animals that have a pair of membranous wings and whose mouth allowed to suck food. They have a generally black body, a broad head, bulging eyes, suction cup legs, and a proboscis-shaped mouthpart.

It should be noted that there is no single type of fly, but several species receive this common name. Flies, in their development, go through a complete metamorphosis in four phases (embryo - larva - pupa - imago).
As for their reproduction, flies usually lay eggs , although certain species are ovoviviparous . Their habits are diurnal and it is common to find them near excrement or organic matter in the process of decomposition .

On the other hand, a fly or artificial fly is called an element used as a bait when you want to fish with a rod. It is a lure that, by imitating insects, pupae or nymphs with its appearance, attracts fish.
The idea of fly can also be used to refer to the goods or, more precisely, the money in cash . For example: "Guys, tonight I invite: today I 'm flying " , "I ran out of fly, could you lend me some coins?" , "I want to take a vacation but I need more fly . "
In addition, the individual who is burdensome , annoying or annoying is called a fly or a blowfly : “Your cousin is a fly, she is always pestering” , “Get out of here, fly! I have had enough!" , "Shut up, fly, you're buzzing all day . "
We must not forget that the fly is a very difficult bug to bear, because it is so insistent about human beings and other living things in times more heat to rest on their bodies. This causes us fear of the possibility of contracting an infection, but it also generates itching and discomfort in general, which often alter our mood and cause us more heat.
Among the diseases carried by flies are the following:
* Eye irritation : it has been proven that if we stay for a long time in an environment where flies proliferate, our eyes may become irritated, and even conjunctivitis arise;
* cholera : is a fatal disease with symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of body fluid and cramps, carried by African flies;
* typhoid fever : this disorder is caused by a bacterium of the genus salmonella and produces weakness, general malaise, constipation and headache;

* dysentery : in everyday speech, it is known as "bloody diarrhea." Its symptoms are strong and it can be complicated to involve the kidney;
* Parasitic worms : it is a mild infection but if it is not treated in time it can lead to major problems.
There are various products to combat fly invasions. The one that carries the least risks for our health is the adhesive tape spread with food products, which attract them through the smell; When the flies land on the tape, they get stuck. Since it does not contain any toxic substances , it does not kill them instantly.
There are also sprays that can be applied on the walls and ceiling, but in this case we are talking about poisons . For this reason, its application must be carried out when no one is in the room, taking special care that children and animals do not re-enter until the product has settled.
Finally, “The Fly” (or “The Fly” , in its original language) is a film directed by Kurt Neumann . This science fiction horror film was released in 1958 and was based on a story by George Langelaan where a scientist accidentally combines his DNA with that of a fly.

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