What is flatworms?

What Does flatworms Mean

A flatworm (a word that derives from the word Platyhelminthes ) is an organism lacking vertebrae also known as a flatworm that has the characteristic of being a protoostomous and triblastic acellomate. Most of this clan is parasitic and hermaphroditic , and does not have a respiratory or circulatory system. On the other hand, it must be said that many of the twenty thousand species of flatworms do not have a digestive system or anus, since the digestive tract functions as a gastrovascular cavity (that is, it carries out digestive functions and distributes nutrients).

Flatworms usually inhabit humid river, marine and terrestrial environments. Depending on their particularities, they can also be segmented into four classes: the peat bogs ( Turbellaria ), the monogeneous ( Monogenea ), the cestodes ( Cestoda ) and the trematodes ( Trematoda ). These last three sets are parasites and lack heads.

The peat bogs live free, they are carnivores and they dig for food . Monogeneous are parasites of fish and amphibians, while cestodes and trematodes can live in various mammals, including man .
It should be noted that flatworms do not have locomotor appendages; therefore, they move thanks to the vibrations of their ciliated epithelium.
In the case of flatworms that can affect humans, they are also known as tapeworms or tapeworms. Human beings may be contaminated by those through various routes, such as ingesting certain products (vegetables, fruits or raw or undercooked pork) that contain Taenia eggs.
Among the most frequent symptoms experienced by citizens who have this flatworm include weight loss, difficulty falling asleep, nausea, mild gastrointestinal pain, nervousness or a notable lack of appetite.
The fact of being affected by these tapeworms brings with it various consequences, the most serious being various brain injuries, sight damage such as blindness and also seizures of different scope. In this case, it is best to go to a medical professional who will establish the necessary treatment to end this infection.
However, it must be emphasized that, as with many other diseases or pathologies, there are a series of home remedies for the same purpose. Specifically, in this case it is recommended to eat fresh fruit such as strawberries and also other foods such as onion, nuts or garlic.
The fundamental tips that must be followed to prevent being affected by this "animal" are not to eat raw meat or that is not properly cooked, always wash your hands after using the bathroom and also keep them in perfect care and washing after having been handling pork or beef.
Flatworms allowed James McConnell to perform various experiments with the intention of proving that there is a chemical basis for memory . For this, he combined a bright light with an electric shock and studied the reaction of flatworms. After several tests, he found that the flatworms began to react to light in the same way as if they had been subjected to electric shock.

The experiment went further: after cutting the worms in two and allowing them to regenerate, it was possible to see how both halves developed the reaction to light and electric shock.

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