What is flagrant?

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What Does flagrant Mean

Flagrant is something that flagrant , that is, that burns or shines like fire . The concept is used to name something that is currently running or that is so obvious that it does not need testing . For example: "People were outraged at the deputy's blatant lie" , "I will not allow him to make a blatant falsehood about myself" , "The deception was blatant: there will be no forgiveness . "

In the field of criminal offense , flagrante delicto is understood to be one that is being executed at the precise moment . The flagrant, therefore, has to do with immediacy and with the possibility of detecting the crime at the same time it is being committed.

The flagrante delicto has direct consequences on the law . In a case of flagrante delicto, the police can enter a private home without judicial authorization to prevent the crime from continuing. Finding an inflagranti offender , on the other hand, facilitates criminal proceedings on the guilt of the accused.
If a police patrol car is traveling down a street and officers observe how one person pushes another and snatches their belongings, the police officers will be able to get out of the vehicle and capture the criminal. In this way, the assailant may be arrested for flagrante delicto.
One of the advantages of a capture of this type is that the officers have direct visual and auditory contact with the scene of the crime at the moment in which it is being committed, which considerably facilitates the process of proving the guilt of the criminal.
When the person who is committing a flagrante delicto occupies a public position that is considered gauged, which in a normal situation would prevent a police officer from detaining him without a specific request, said requirement can also be ignored, with the purpose to stop the advance of crime before it's too late.
In basketball , a flagrant foul or unsportsmanlike foul is one that a judge sanctions when a player does not intend to play the ball. The usual thing is that these fouls are sanctioned if the athlete only intends to hit his rival or if he wishes to stop an attack situation by anti-regulatory means.
Flagrant foul is considered a serious personal foul and consists of excessive physical contact by two players, or the use of violence with the intention of causing injury. It differs from an intentional foul, which is allowed as a permitted in-game tactic and is intended to stop the clock.

The promulgation of the flagrant foul rule took place in the 1990s to try to discourage contacts that put the health and safety of players at risk, as well as clearly going against the bases of basketball. The NBA recognizes two different levels of flagrant foul, which it designates by an order number (1 or 2), and each umpire has the discretion to determine what type each offense is.
A flagrant foul 2 leads to the immediate expulsion of the player who committed it; on the other hand, if someone receives two flagrant 1s during the same game, they are also inevitably sent off. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that there are constantly growing monetary fines for those who commit these kinds of infractions, and the NBA Commissioner has the possibility of suspending those players who abuse them, if they deem it appropriate.
When an unwanted game occurs, the existence of this rule allows the offender to be punished in an accentuated way, since in addition to the potential fines and the possibility of being sent off or suspended, he is granted possession of the ball and the award of free throws. to the opposite team.

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