What is fitness?

What Does fitness Mean

The concept of fitness is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). The term, belonging to the English language, is used anyway in our language to refer to the exercises that allow you to maintain good physical shape .

When we speak of fitness, therefore, we are referring to a practice or a discipline linked to physical activity . Fitness aims both for aesthetics (toning muscles, eliminating fat, etc.) and health (fighting overweight and improving cardiovascular capacity).
The purpose of fitness, in short, is to ensure that the body can function effectively and efficiently to stay healthy. With this objective, it appeals to the development of resistance , flexibility and strength exercises .

There are different types of fitness. Some are more demanding and require the assistance and guidance of a physical trainer or coach. However, any person can perform certain exercises associated with fitness spontaneously without much preparation, such as walking thirty minutes a day. In any case, it is important to note that it is best to previously consult a doctor to develop the rigorous physical controls.
Running, lifting weights, doing sit-ups and using exercise machines are some of the actions that are usually part of fitness. The notion is also related to a sports culture that includes competitions where participants display their physical form.
Beyond the sports or competitive plane, fitness can help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes , among other disorders.
Experts in the field of fitness assure that the secret of success lies in perseverance and in the balance between moments of physical exercise and those of stillness. For example, frequent training interspersed with dozens of hours of inactivity is not very productive, and that is why so many people put a lot of energy into weight loss or muscle toning plans but don't get the results they want.
Of course, not everyone thinks the same, as there are also "miracle plans" that promise impressive physical development with just a few minutes of work a day. For example, there is the one of seven minutes a day , which anyone can do at home with no more than a chair to break with the sedentary lifestyle that so characterizes life in the city.
The seven-minute fitness plan was developed by Chris Jordan precisely with the aim of helping all those individuals who spend a large part of the day sitting at the office or at home and who do not find the time or the desire to go to the gym or go out to play sports . This routine is intense and was specifically designed to fit this lifestyle.

According to hundreds of people, the plan really works, and that is why it became so popular among lovers of well - being , although this does not mean that there are also many skeptics who question its legitimacy.
Each exercise in this fitness plan lasts thirty seconds, with a ten break between each. It is very important to perform them in the order indicated by its creator, since it was conceived for the toning of opposing muscles and the care of the heart rate throughout the entire training . Let's see below the list of exercises that compose it: jumps; squats against the wall; push-ups; ABS; get on and off the chair; squats without support; triceps training; iron; alternately raise your knees; strides; push-ups; side plate.
Despite the apparent simplicity of the seven-minute fitness plan, those who have tried it say that near the end of the training it is difficult to keep up, since the physical effort required is not negligible.

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