What is fish hook?

What Does fish hook Mean

A hook is a small metal hook that is attached to a wire or a wire and used for fishing . Hooks are baited to attract fish.

The history of the hook is remote. Evidence has been found that demonstrate the use of hooks thousands of years before Christ , being considered a key tool in the development of humanity.
The hooks have an eye (which allows you to connect to the line) and a point (which sticks into the fish). The straight part under the eye is called the leg , then the elbow and throat appear before reaching the tip. The mouth of the hook, meanwhile, is the distance between the eye and the leg.

Its operation is simple and effective: the fish, when trying to eat what is put as bait or bait, is hooked to the hook because the tip of the hook penetrates its mouth . In this way, the fisherman can collect the line from the rod, which is attached to the hook, to remove the animal from the water and capture it.
It should be noted that many times, by accident, the hook ends up nailing a person . This can cause localized inflammation to bleeding or infection . The condition worsens depending on the area where the hook was embedded and how deep it entered the body.
It is interesting to note that the term hook is used in various verbal phrases linked to traps or tricks : biting the hook , taking the hook , casting the hook , etc. For example: “The scammers managed to get the victim to take the bait” , “We already cast the hook, now we must wait” .

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