What is fish?

What Does fish Mean

Fish is a term that comes from pisces , a Latin word. Fish are aquatic animals that, thanks to their gills , can breathe underwater . These are generally oviparous (egg-laying) beings.

For example: "In the Caribbean I had the opportunity to dive among fish of all colors" , "In my childhood I had a pet fish: I had the fish tank next to my bed" , "Marcelo was on the dock all afternoon, but he did not manage to catch a single fish ” .
Although there are multiple species of fish, it is possible to list certain characteristics that are common to most of them. A fish, in this way, usually has fins to move easily underwater, in addition to having its body covered by scales that serve as protection for its skin .

Fish can be found in fresh water (such as rivers or lakes) and in salt water (seas). There are specimens that live in a natural environment, while others are raised in aquariums or ponds for various purposes (for exhibition, commercialization, etc.).
Among the most unique fish that exist in the world, by name or appearance, are the following:

-Pez puffer, which is considered a symbol of good luck but is highly toxic, being capable of killing thirty people with its poison.

-Butterfish. It is a tropical fish that has become fashionable in recent years in the world of cooking. It can reach up to 2.4 meters in length and is black in color.

-Clownfish. In the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific it is where you can find this species that is characterized by its mixture of colorful colors, such as orange, red or pink. It became known all over the world thanks to the animated film "Finding Nemo", which starred some clown fish.

-Foxfish, it is a type of shark that is identified because it has a very long tail that it uses as if it were a whip to capture its prey.
When the fish is taken out of the water and dies, it is named as a fish . Fish is a very important food for humans , as it provides a large amount of nutrients. The fishing (the activity is to take fish from their natural environment), in fact, allows the livelihood of many people that develop in coastal regions.
It should be noted that there is the modality of sport fishing with return , which consists of extracting fish from the water but only temporarily, and then returning them to their environment.
It is interesting to know that the figure of the fish is very important in Christianity. And it is that the Christians formerly used that one, composed of two intersecting arches, as a secret symbol since at that time they were persecuted for their religion. And it is that if one painted an arch and the other completed it, they both knew they had the same beliefs. As a general rule, in its interior some initials were included that came to mean: "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior"

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