What is fine arts?

What Does fine arts Mean

The set of disciplines that seek the expression of beauty is known as fine arts . Music, sculpture and painting are part of this group, which began to be considered in this way from the 18th century .

It can be said that the fine arts appeal to the search for beauty , the use of aesthetics and the mastery of technique . The Frenchman Charles Batteux , in a book he published in 1746 , was the first to use the name of fine arts. For him, music , sculpture , painting , dance , poetry , eloquence and architecture were part of the fine arts.

Over the years, the list has been mutating according to the conception of different theorists. The eloquence , for example, is no longer considered one of the fine arts. Instead, cinema is often called the seventh art .
At present the notion of fine arts is used mainly in institutions , associations and museums that are oriented to the plastic arts. In this way, music , dance and poetry are no longer usually linked to this idea.
A widely used classification indicates that the fine arts are the higher arts : disciplines that can be appreciated through hearing or sight , without the need for direct physical contact. Starting from this premise, it is established that the fine arts or higher arts are architecture, sculpture, dance, painting, music, literature, as well as cinema and theater.
Instead, the lesser arts are captured by touch, smell, and taste. Perfumery and gastronomy enter this set.
In addition to all that is indicated, we cannot ignore the existence of numerous museums that bear the "surname" of Fine Arts. Among the most relevant we can highlight the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville. This place has its origin in the first half of the 19th century, which is considered to be one of the largest and most important art galleries in Spain.
Specifically, this museum is a wonderful proposal to discover not only Andalusian painting of the 19th century but, above all, Sevillian Baroque painting. And it is that in its collection it has spectacular works by Valdés Leal, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo or Francisco de Zurbarán. Among his most important works are "Don Cristóbal Suárez de Ribera" by Velázquez or the "Immaculate Conception Grande" by the aforementioned Murillo.
Within the educational field, we have to expose the existence in Spain of what is known as a degree in Fine Arts. Through it, the student can be trained as a plastic artist as well as a professional in design and new technologies. In this way, you will acquire knowledge and develop your artistic skills that can lead you to become an important artist in the world of photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, comics, video, video games ...

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