What is filibuster?

What Does filibuster Mean

The French word flibustier came to our language as a filibuster .

However, it must be taken into account that this Gallic term is considered to derive from English, exactly from “frebetter”, which, in turn, emanated from Dutch. Specifically, from “vrijbuiter”, which can be translated as “pirate”.

The term is used to name the pirates who, in the seventeenth century , carried out their attacks in the area of the Caribbean Sea .
Many times it is confused between pirates, corsairs and filibusters. A pirate was an individual who was engaged in boarding vessels to steal. A privateer , meanwhile, was a subject who acted with a private license: he had, therefore, the endorsement of his government to attack and loot ships from enemy countries. As for the filibusters , as we have already said, they were pirates who operate in the Caribbean region, even attacking coastal towns.

Another similar notion is buccaneer . In this case, the word refers to a pirate who, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries , was oriented to the theft of Spanish overseas dominions.
Returning to the filibusters, they acted in the Caribbean Sea (also called the Antilles Sea ), which surrounds nations such as Cuba , Puerto Rico , the Dominican Republic and Haiti . It also bathes the coasts of Mexico , Costa Rica , Panama , Colombia and Venezuela , among other countries.
The filibusters performed in groups, usually without straying too far from shore. Sometimes they sailed along the coastline and, at the right time, descended from ships to plunder towns and cities. One of the most important hits by filibusters took place in 1697 when they joined privateers and the French Navy and took Cartagena de Indias .
It should be noted that, later on, the idea of filibuster began to be used to name those who fought to make the Spanish colonies independent.
Currently, the filibuster is a term that is used, above all, in the political sphere to refer to deputies or congressmen who, from the parliamentary system of which they are part, choose to take measures to be able to delay for a long time or completely block what is the approval of a specific law. Specifically, what they do is make very long speeches in the session in question.
Exactly, it is said that what those political representatives practice is filibustering. A good example of this can be found in ancient times. Specifically, it is established that the Roman politician Cato the Elder (95 BC - 46 BC) was capable of making speeches of up to whole days to prevent laws proposed by Julius Caesar from being passed and going forward.

In the world of culture, through different works, it has also been resorted to showing what filibusterism is. Thus, for example, a good example of this can be seen in the television series "Scandal" where in one of its chapters a senator uses this "tool" to prevent the budget project being approved in a session. to starve a US breeding-related organization.

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