What is figure?

What Does figure Mean

It called number to the symbol that allows the representation of a number . The concept derives from Low Latin, although it has its etymological origin in classical Arabic.

The notion can refer specifically to the sign that makes it possible to write a digit number (that is, that which is expressed with a single figure). 1 , 5 , 8 and 9 , for example, are figures.
According to the numbering system based on Arabic numbers , there are ten figures or digits that allow, from infinite combinations, to represent all the numbers. These are the numbers that go from 0 to 9 . In this way, if someone wants to write the figure 19 , they must write the symbol 1 followed by the symbol 9 ( 19 ).

In the Roman numeral system , on the other hand, the signs used to represent the figures are letters: I , X , C , M , etc. Following the writing rules of this system, the number 11 , to cite a case, should be written XI .
The figures can also be used to identify various issues. The streets usually have a name accompanied by a figure that indicates an exact address: Avenida San Bartolomé 542 , Calle del Sol 41 , Pasaje de los Sueños 1532 , etc.
The phone numbers on the other hand, also written with numbers: 45-8813 , 369-8514 , 4588-2931 .
In colloquial language , the idea of ​​a figure is often used to name a certain amount of money : "The actor asked for a very high figure to join the filming of the film" , "I'm interested in buying that house, but we haven't talked about figures ” , “ I will sell my car only if they offer me a figure that is interesting to me ” .
It is also possible to use this term to refer to other numbers, beyond money. For example, if a book has sold many copies we can say that "the figures are promising"; As shown in the previous paragraph, there is also an economic nuance, although it mainly points to the success of the launch rather than the financial compensation received.
Similarly we can speak of numbers to emphasize the number of any situation that involves large amounts of objects or living beings. It is important to note that when this word is used, the number to which it refers is usually located at one of two extremes : it either represents a success or a failure for the protagonists.

One of the cases in which it can be used to refer to regrettable numbers is an accident in which a large number of victims have been reported, where it can be said that "the numbers are heartbreaking", for example. In short, although the same could be expressed more directly ("the number of deceased"), avoiding the most descriptive words generates a very particular effect , since despite the omission they become more present in the receiver's mind.
In everyday life we ​​could not organize ourselves if it weren't for the presence of numbers; Whether it is to identify buildings along the streets, to indicate the maximum speed allowed on a certain road, the maximum load capacity of an elevator or the opening hours of a company, we are exposed to the numerical figures all every day, in almost all areas.
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