What is Fight?

What Does Fight Mean

The etymological origin of the word fight is found in the verb fight, which in turn emanates from the Latin term “pilus”, which can be translated as “hair”. And it is that in ancient times when people faced each other they pulled each other's hair.

A fight is a confrontation between two or more people , groups of individuals, corporations, or other kinds of entities. The fights can be physical , verbal or even symbolic , depending on the case.
For example: “When he heard the insult, Martín did not hesitate: he turned around, looked Jorge in the eyes and started the fight with a blow to the chin” , “A fight in a soccer stadium ended with two dead and fourteen wounded in Indonesia ” , “ The fight between the two companies was accentuated after the new publicity ” .

Fights are often the violent resolution of an argument or conflict . When the dialogue does not prosper and people do not agree, it is likely that someone will make the decision to provoke a fist fight with the intention of imposing their point of view by force.
There are, however, fights that take place as competition . This is the case in sports such as boxing or mixed martial arts , which consist of fighting between athletes.
It must be clear that in addition to fights between people, there are also animal fights. Thus, although in countries like Spain they are prohibited, in different corners of the world dog fights are held, for example, in which the assistants bet on who will be the dog that will destroy their rival. And that is how those get money if they get it right.
In the same way, it is interesting to know that, in the same way, there is the so-called fighting cock. This term can be used with two meanings:

To make it clear that a person is very brave and has the ability not to be intimidated by anyone or anything.

To refer to the animal of that species that participates in organized fights.
A fight, on the other hand, can be a rift caused by a problem between two or more subjects. A man can argue with a friend and, after exchanging insults, walk away from him without physical aggression involved. The period that begins then and that extends until reconciliation is known as a fight: "It has been three months since the fight with Aníbal and we still do not speak to each other . "
Within couple relationships it is very common that the term at hand with that meaning is also used. A clear example of this is the following sentence: "I don't know if Manuel and Lara will go to the wedding together because they have had a fight and right now they are taking some time."
In another sense, a fight can be understood as a competition: two companies fighting for the top spot in the market , tennis players fighting to top the world rankings, etc.

It should not be overlooked that, in some countries, the word fight is used to shape colloquial expressions. This would be the case, for example, in Peru where there is the verbal phrase: "not knowing someone or in a dogfight." With this, what is tried to express is that a person in question is not known in any way.

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