What is fidelity?

What Does fidelity Mean

The fidelity is the union of two beings regardless of the consequences it may bring. The term comes from the Latin fidelitas and also makes it possible to refer to the accuracy or punctuality in the execution of an action .

Fidelity is the virtue to fulfill a promise . When two people marry they promise each other fidelity. It is an agreement that involves a series of responsibilities and should not be violated by either party. Promising is a commitment since you decide what to do in an uncertain future.
The faithful person is one who keeps his promises and maintains his loyalty even with the passage of time and different circumstances. Fidelity implies following a life project that was established from the act of promise.

Fidelity in a marriage can be a moral obligation (those who are married in a religious rite must obey the command of God ) or legal (when it is the State that certifies the union). Therefore, those who are unfaithful can be punished according to current regulations. In ancient times, there were even corporal punishment and torture of the infidels.
In married life the concept of fidelity is very devastated; There are those who believe that the human being is not naturally monogamous so the attempt to establish a stable life with another person for life is going against his nature, this would explain why it is so common for couples to last little and that the concept family has changed so much in recent years. Possibly, the day that the human being accepts that he was born to be free and does not allow himself to be bound and structured by so many ideological barriers , the concept of fidelity in a couple will disappear.
By transcending the relationship, fidelity is a virtue that is born from respect for the trust that one person places in another. One must not only be faithful in love , but also in friendship and duty, for example.
In friendship, one of the characteristics that is most valued is fidelity, which is linked to the acceptance of the other as he is and the understanding and company that does not expect anything in return, which only occurs with the sole desire to share life with another person.
It should be noted that it is known as high fidelity to the very faithful reproduction of sound, that is, of very good quality.
Differences between loyalty and fidelity
Although they are often confused, these two concepts clearly differ in the object that promotes them.
The fidelity is related to trust and unconditional support to a person while loyalty is tracking diehard cause . You are loyal to socialism but you are faithful to someone.

On the other hand, it is considered that a loyal person is not one who agrees in everything about what is exposed by another whom he loves and respects, but one who likes to confront and express his ideas in front of a cause , without betraying but always speaking clearly on the issues.
Sometimes, there can be cases of people who are loyal but not faithful, who believe in a cause but not in the person; for example, a person may feel identified with a family life project but not absolutely trust those who accompany him .
Finally, it is worth mentioning that, although it is believed that these concepts were created by humans, animals also manifest them and often in a much more pure and real way than human beings.

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